LOGOS will take part in Fruit Logistica, fresh produce trade show,
in Berlin, Germany, from 3 to 5 février 2016.


More information about the trade show

Rank Progress plans the construction of new incineration plant in Spring. 21/11/2013



Rank Progress, a developer of commercial projects, is planning to start the construction of its first incineration plant in Długoszyn in the spring 2014. The segment of a municipal waste disposal will be one of the main development paths of the company. According to the plan, this investment, worth 100 million PLN, will be operational next year. At the end of January 2013, Rank Progress signed, together with Waste to Energy Canada, a joint venture agreement concerning the construction of an incineration plant. Waste to Energy Canada will provide technologies and solutions used in municipal and industrial waste utilization. This technology is dedicated to small and medium sized population centres. It is related to the level of gas emission under the European Union standards, with almost total decomposition of wastes, neutral ashes, and easy to use recyclable materials.


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